Thursday, April 16, 2020

Affordable Housing for Asbury Park - At Last??

Asbury Park has finished its Affordable Housing Plan. It's so complicated that it took eight ordinances to explain.

Before the council votes it into law, over Zoom on April 22, I'd just like to know how many people feel they understand the whole thing, how many at least understand what's going to happen to their zone and, of course, their questions. If you'd like to be anonymous, please PM me on Facebook/Asburyradio or email me at, with subject: AP Affordable

I'll share the results (withholding names on request) on this blog and on FB/AsburyRadio. I'm also planning an AsburyRadio Podcast on Voice to get expert answers to our questions. And, I'll post parts of the plan on here (
Thanks for your time.
Maureen Nevin

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