Wednesday, May 20, 2020

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This week - May 24th, 2020 at 4 pm

AsburyRadio - The Podcast presents Who's Building AsburyPark's West Side Housing? Are residents getting construction jobs? What are the barriers? This theme was postponed several times, most recently in order to gather more details. Please tune in at 4 on  

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Now that the weather and Covid-19-ordered social distancing are easing a bit, we can expect the parking wars to return to Asbury Park, just as sure as the dive-bombing Blue Jays and Ocean Grove's annual grumblings over Asbury's visitor overflows.
We noticed, in the 5/14 - 5/20 Coaster newspaper, that Loch Arbour is plotting its own parking remedies. The latter could establish two permit parking zones: one on Euclid and another on Elberon avenues, both between Ocean Place and Ocean Avenue, according to the weekly. Parking-envy will definitely take over neighbors to the south side of Deal Lake, many of whom head north when oceanfront visitors sweep into their usual spots, when they hear this: Loch Arbour residents of the two zones, it is proposed, will get two free parking permits, only for guests of the resident, but good for three days. Sheer Luxury! And, each household will be entitled to purchase two additional permits for $50 each. The generosity stops at the border though. Violators risk a $125 fine. And those too handy with Photoshop will risk 30 days in jail.
I think I feel a screw being tightened? What do you say? What will be the effect, if any, on your parking strategies? The village commissioners will hear input on the ordinance June 3.

Balking on the Beach

Asbury Park startled many a seasoned veteran of its prize-winning beaches this spring by limiting beach ticket sales, for social distancing compliance. Some locker renters paid their season fee only to find they weren't assured of getting a summer beach pass. What's your experience? Has the dust settled? Will you have both this summer?

What themes do you wish the podcast would take on? We're listening.

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